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At 24 Fit Derby we want to put the fun back in to exercise by offering a variety of the latest fitness classes in Derby. From dance fitness to drum inspired rock outs there is something for everyone.

Enjoy a full mind and body rejuvenation in our stretch based classes or step out and box to your favourite, old school, hip hop and electronic beats with a mixture of easy to follow steps and low and high intensity workouts to create a leaner, fitter you all while sharing a laugh with new friends.

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It’s really easy to book using our 24 Fit Derby app, which you can download below onto your mobile device and register.

Alternatively,  on the schedule you can find the class that you’re after, pick the time and location that’s convenient, and you’re all set!

A Clubbercise dance class with 24 Fit Derby


It is time to dance like you have never danced before! Glow sticks, your favourite tunes, disco lights and a group of mates what more could you ask for in the name of exercise?!

A Pound fitness class with 24 Fit Derby


A full body workout inspired by the awesome fun of playing the drums! Let the rhythm rule you, let the beat become you. Turn your workout into a jam session and pound your way fit.


The fast paced, fun dance class which has everyone up on their feet. Zumba is inspired by Latin rhythms to bring a fun-filled fusion of dance, cardio and muscle conditioning.

Konga fitness classes in Derby City Centre


A complete mix of boxing, cardio and dance to get you up and moving with this full body workout. Expect to squat, burpee and jump your way to a more defined and sculpted physique.

Konga fitness classes in Derby City Centre

Jungle Body

A mix of boxing, cardio and dance to get you up and moving with this full body workout. A It’s a Konga session with some extra dance moves and the occassional dumbbell surprise!

24 Fit Movers

Step out, shake and move to infectious tunes but without the high intense jumps and movements. Ideal for beginners and less active adults looking for a fun workout


Improve balance, strength and posture, and nurture mind, body and soul with this awesome class, based on, but more relaxed and less intense than, Joseph Pilates’ original class