Our Classes

Burn Calories While Having Fun

At 24 Fit Derby, we want to put the fun back into exercise by offering a variety of the latest fitness classes in Derby. From dance fitness to drum-inspired rock outs, there is something for everyone.Enjoy a full mind and body rejuvenation in our stretch-based classes or step out and box to your favourite, old school, hip hop and electronic beats with a mixture of easy-to-follow steps and low and high-intensity workouts to create a leaner, fitter you all while sharing a laugh with new friends.


The fast-paced, fun dance class which has everyone up on their feet. Zumba is inspired by Latin rhythms to bring a fun-filled fusion of dance, cardio and muscle conditioning.

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Can you believe that exercise can be so much fun? With disco lights, your favourite tunes, glow sticks, and your friends, it's time to party! Let's get moving and have a great time together!

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A full-body workout inspired by the awesome fun of playing the drums! Let the rhythm rule you, let the beat become you. Turn your workout into a jam session and pound your way fit.



Fitness Pilates improves your flexibility, coordination & balance in a relaxed group setting. Traditional Pilates takes you to the next level to strengthen your core & connect your body.

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Balanced & Strong

A class designed to help the elderly improve their physical fitness, strength, and balance. The exercises are progressed slowly according to individual abilities. Tea and biscuits included!

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An upbeat class featuring all of your favourite strictly dances with seperate daytime classes for lower impact and intensity. Suitable for all ages and abilities and you don’t need a partner!