The best way to book is to download the 24 Fit Derby app from the App Store or Google Play. The app lists all the classes on offer. Register some details, choose a class and book. Alternatively, you can book on the website, either via the ‘classes’ or ‘booking’ page.  ‘Classes’ will show you a brief summary of all the classes we offer and is ideal if you’re a little unsure what you’re looking for. The ‘booking’ page will take you straight to our schedule for the week ahead. Just choose you class and click the ‘sign up’ button. Once you book, you will receive a confirmation email and if you’ve booked an online class, a link to join the class when it is time.  If you are new to us, remember to use your free introductory classes when booking to ‘try before you buy’.

The liability waiver is there for your safety. It is designed to highlight any health problems or concerns that require you to obtain advice from a medical professional before attending a 24 Fit Derby class. It also states that you take full responsibility for your own well-being while attending our classes. If you feel unsafe or unwell during the class you should immediately inform the Instructor and discontinue further participation. The liability waiver is part of the online or app registration process and is completely confidential. If you turn up to a class without registering, you will be asked to sign a paper waiver before the start of the class.


Yes please. In the current climate, it is very important for us to control the size of a class to ensure we comply with our Covid 19 safety regulations. Even in normal times, we would prefer you to book and pay for your classes via the website or app before you arrive. This gives your instructor an idea of numbers so they can be prepared and plan ahead. It also makes the arrival process quicker, as attendees waiting to pay for classes can delay the start. Having said that, if you haven’t managed to book, you will be made very welcome, if it’s your first time and you just turn up. In this case, you will be asked to sign a liability waiver before the class and to register before your next class. 


You should always consult your doctor before starting a new exercise regime. If you are pregnant or have a major cardiovascular, pulmonary or metabolic condition, Zumba, Konga, Clubbercise and Pound may not be appropriate for you. However, your doctor should be happy to approve 24 Fit Movers or Pilates as a healthy alternative.


No, you don’t. Zumba and Clubbercise are quite dancey, but steps are basic and you’ll soon pick them up. Konga uses a combination of only four moves per routine and incorporates a lot of different movement styles and techniques. For Pound you just need a bit of rhythm and the desire to thrash the ground with drumsticks! The most important thing about all our classes is that they get you moving and having fun! Perfection is not necessary. We are all human. Just keep moving and enjoying the music and you’ll be surprised how quickly you pick things up.


Don’t worry. All of our classes are designed for all ages and abilities. You can choose to work at a level that suits you, and in time you will become fitter and more flexible and be able to push yourself more. We always encourage you to move at your own pace. As a general guide, 24 Fit Movers is for beginners, Clubbercise and Zumba are easily adaptable if you want to just have a fun dance or really break into a sweat, and an initial level of fitness is advised for Konga and Pound.


Bring a towel, a bottle of water, and a big smile! If you tend to sweat a lot then a spare top is advisable, especially in the cold weather. You also need to bring your own exercise mat for Pound, Konga and Pilates. Clubbercise requires ‘glowsticks’. They’re available to purchase on the app for £5 a pair. In the current climate, please also bring a face covering. You are asked to wear one upon entering and exiting the venue. It can be removed for the duration of the class itself


Wear anything you feel comfortable in, as long as it doesn’t interfere with your movements. It’s not a fashion show and you will probably sweat in all of our classes, so you don’t have to look glamorous! Gym clothes are ideal and bright colours are perfect! Clubbercise clients love to find things to wear that glow under UV lights, just because it’s more fun! Ladies, wear a good sports bra for support.


Comfortable footwear is essential for all classes. Some of our regular Zumba clients wear Zumba specific footwear, but it can be pricey and is by no means essential. Regular trainers are fine, just avoid those with deep treads, especially for Zumba and Clubbercise, as you need to be able to spin without jarring your knees. Pilates classes are done barefoot or in socks. Pound can also be done barefoot, but it’s your choice

Prices vary. It depends how many times a week you plan on joining us. Basically, the more classes you do, the cheaper each class becomes. When you book your class via the app or website, a single class credit is £4.50, but there are options for 4, 8 and 12 credit packs, valid for one month, priced at £12, £24, and £30 respectively. These discounted passes can bring the cost of a class down to £2.50. For more information, check out the website or click the ‘Memberships’ tab on the app.


Classes vary from 45 to 60 minutes long. Click ‘More Details’ on the class lists for actual class lengths.


This depends on the class. Zumba and Konga are suitable for participants aged 14 and over who are in good health. Children aged 14 or 15 must be accompanied by an adult. Clubbercise is for 16s and over if accompanied by an adult. Pound can be enjoyed by children as young as 6!


We pride ourselves in offering, fun, effective and friendly community classes. This means we use community halls and schools to be as geographically close to you as possible. Most people come dressed appropriately for their class, but there is always somewhere appropriate for you to change if you come to a class straight from work.