Terns & Conditions


All classes must be booked and paid for in advance and online. New customers can take advantage of the ‘try for free’ offer before making any purchases.


Membership payments will be taken on the first day of every month with the first payment pro-rated if commenced mid-month. Customers may cancel and restart their Membership at any time. Membership cancellations will take effect on the first day of the following month.

Booking cancellations

Customers can cancel booked classes at any time on the App or website, ideally no later than 4 hours before the class starts to allow any customers on the waiting list to attend the class. If you must cancel a booking due to exceptional and unforeseen circumstances, and you don’t have an Unlimited Membership, then you can make a request to the instructor for your booking to be moved to another specific class or for the price you paid for the class less the transaction charge to be added to your account balance.

Class cancellations

24 Fit Derby has the right to cancel classes at any time. In this event, excluding Unlimited Members, the price you paid for the class(es) will be added to your account for future use. If you would like a refund to your bank account instead, please email a request to If you are an Unlimited Member and choose to cancel your membership due to ongoing class cancellations, then you are perfectly free to do that will be offered a week of free classes as compensation.