Say hello to clients Sarah and Sue

Two of our clients from Pound, Sarah and Sue tell you the reasons why they love coming along to their classes.

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So what is it about Pound that is so good?

This month I went along to one of 24 Fit’s Pound Classes and met Sarah and Sue, two clients who regularly attend and seem to enjoy it very much.

They have been Pound fans for quite a while now. We chatted before I had actually had a go myself and I was curious to know what made them keep coming back for more. They both loved the music and felt this was an important part of exercise, the rock music element in Pound really made it appealing, I definitely found a couple of rock chicks here. Both ladies said they went away after every class absolutely shattered and buzzing which is a good sign this makes them feeling as though the workout is working for them and the reason why they appear week after week.

Sarah and Sue felt that Pound was a class they could go along with at their own pace, they could follow a lower impact route if they wanted to take it steady and then go for it on the days where they had a lot more energy. It’s been so difficult lately trying to exercise in the heatwave but most people have managed it and I take my hat off to you all.

Fun was a word that described this class, Kev the instructor made them feel relaxed and it didn’t matter if the odd move went a bit wrong, it took the pressure off having to get everything right first time. All three of us shared our minor ailments and previous injuries and came to the conclusion that Pound is a good way to heal any minor niggles and keep your body moving. The girls both said they missed the classes so much if they didn’t go or on the rare occasions one would be cancelled.

So I decided to give it a try…

So after all their words of enthusiasm and encouragement I gave it a go myself. Pound is a workout that involves the use of specially weighted drumsticks called Ripstix, you use these as the main focus while incorporating other moves associated with pilates and yoga too. It is a great all round exercise not just for your body but also the mind as it improves those motor skills which allow you to co ordinate between using the sticks and moving your body. If you were rubbish multi tasking before you will be brilliant after this.

There was another lady starting on this particular evening for the first time so I didn’t feel too bad as a complete newbie. The thing is at 24 Fit you don’t have to feel nervous as everyone is so supportive. Kev went through some of the moves that we would be doing and what to expect which I thought was a nice touch. He gave a lot attention to all of the clients as well as keeping an eye on us new ones, encouraging us all. I’m not sure how he manages it as well as instructing the routine too but he does it.

I must admit I am partial to a rock tune so this for me was great, it was a very hot night so by the end of the class I was exhausted. It felt good and although it seemed a bit daunting at first trying to get my brain around getting sticks going in the right direction and my body doing the right moves it was ok. If you used to do that thing where you tried to rub your tummy and pat your head it can feel like that to start with but with a bit more perseverance you will improve.

When I spoke to Sarah and Sue we all had a giggle as we thought this class is brilliant if you’ve had a really bad day and you need to take some frustration out on something, you can hit those sticks as hard as you like so if you’re a woman like me and get a bit of PMT or you’re a man who’s had a frustrating day at the office then it’s perfect for that.

I would like to say thank you to Sarah and Sue for their time and sharing their views on Pound and also to Kev for allowing me to give it a go. Please do go along and give a try, apart from anything else it is fun and you will have a laugh so don’t think at all you have to take it too seriously. Take a look at the classes available on the 24 Fit Derby website and don’t forget your first taster session is free so what are you waiting for?

Thank you for reading…….Suzy.

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