The Venue

A lovely modern primary school that opened in September 1999, catering for about 250 pupils aged 3 to 11.

24 fit Derby currently offer Clubbercise and 24 Fit Pilates here. It’s the perfect venue if you live to the North of Derby, in Oakwood, Chaddesden, Spondon or even Breadsall.

The hall is lovely and modern too, with a wooden laminate floor and it’s airy which means you can soothe your sweaty bodies by throwing open lots of windows when it’s hot – and it will get hot!
As with all primary schools, parking is a breeze, and they’re great venues be because they’re so cheerful and colourful. Just what you need after a dull day at work!

Things you may not know about Oakwood

• It is a modern housing estate, built in the 1980s and 90s and is one of the largest in Europe.
• It’s built on land that was once Chaddesden Common
• It has three clusters of shops, where you’ll find a co-op, a vets, an opticians, a newsagents and a Birds, amongst many others. There’s a library too, and Springwood Leisure Centre.
• The area is named after Oak Wood, an area of ancient oak woodland that is now Chaddesden Wood Nature Reserve
• Chaddesden has a great park with a paddling pool and awesome play area. I spent many hours there with the children when they were young.
• Derby County training academy has been at Moor Farm in Oakwood since 2003
• Oakwood has a convent, which has been there since 1990 and accommodates 20 sisters. (I never knew that!)


Parkview Primary School is on Springwood Drive opposite Oakwood Community Centre. The school has its own carpark, and if this is full you can use the Community Centre carpark or park on street parking.


Parkview Primary School
Springwood Drive
DE21 2RQ

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