Meet Our Client… Anita

Meet one of our regular clients Anita who attends Zumba....find out what she likes about 24 fit Derby

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We have a new feature this month….following last months instructor profile we have decided to feature one of our lovely clients.

Anita attends Sylwia’s Zumba class on a Saturday morning and has been attending for about a month now. After living in South Africa where she herself was a Zumba instructor with her own studio she has been in the UK now for four months.

Well I went along to meet the lovely Anita and I can say she has a ton of energy and a smile that goes on even through an hour of Zumba fun. I could tell how much she loved this class, not only does she make a half hour journey to the centre of Derby for it but she also oozes enthusiasm to her fellow Zumba goers. I suppose you could say she gets that from being an instructor herself but no, I think this girl is just fun to be around all the time, I certainly got that impression.

Anita told me that she loves to go along to this class as there is no pressure here….it’s fun, the routines are great….they not only improve your fitness but can make you feel sexy too. It’s infectious and she describes the Zumba as a family, it’s such a friendly atmosphere and when everyone got their breath back they were busy organising a social night out together.

Isn’t that just great? Not only can you go along to keep yourself fit but it’s an ideal place to make friends too. It’s been great for Anita after leaving one country and starting fresh somewhere new, she is a very popular member of this class and I was so pleased to meet her.

One person Anita spoke highly of was Sylwia, her Zumba instructor. We will feature her sometime soon in our instructor profile but Anita did want to express how fabulous she was and how she is part of the reason why Anita likes to return. I can second that as Sylwia certainly makes the class fun, easy to follow and it really doesn’t matter if you go wrong or can’t quite get to grips with it first time, she will help you.

I would like to thank Sylwia and all her class for making me feel so welcome. You can catch this class on Saturday’s 10am at The Village Primary School, Village Street, Derby. DE23 8DF but check on the website for up to date information.

Thank you for reading today….and keep up that Zumba Anita!!!


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