Meet Angela Jeffries at 24 fit Derby

We tell you a little more about one of our instructors, Angela Jeffries, her background and her very popular Zumba Classes.

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Meet Angela and learn more about her Zumba classes.

Angela has been teaching Zumba with 24 Fit now for about two and a half years after an appeal for new instructors. She was attending classes herself and her hand popped up to take up the challenge and here she is today teaching her own classes.

Angela first tried Zumba back in 2011 and just instantly loved it. After a career working with Haven she decided to move up from Essex and settle here in Derby. She now runs three classes a week as well as working a four day week too. Life is busy for this lovely lady but she always has so much energy for her classes and all the fabulous routines. Her experience working for Haven really shows as she is one confident woman on that stage and is so comfortable in front of an audience which I found out when I went long to her class.

Let’s Zumba!!

I went along to her Zumba Class one Saturday morning and this was in fact her first class that she started a couple of years ago. In fact there are a few ladies who had been there from day one and still ‘Zumbering’ today so that shows the loyalty she gets from her clients. Her classes are fun, she warms you up gently, gives a good energetic workout finishing with a nice gentle cool down.

This class like all of her classes has a really nice sense of togetherness. It’s not just a basic exercise class that you go to and forget easily. It’s like a club or a mini community. Not only is Zumba available but there are social events too which Angela does a great job of including you in. She knows everyones names and it really does feel great to part of it.

Don’t worry though if you are a newbie and fancy giving her classes a try as she will make you feel really welcome along with the rest of class. You also have to bear in mind that when you go for the first time you may not pick up the routines straight away, please don’t let that put you off. Like some things in life it takes a few repetitions before we learn something new. In my case it can take quite a few times but I’m blaming my age on that one. Keep going and the moves will stay with you eventually. You will get a good workout, laugh and feel great.

Go along and say hello to Angela and give Zumba a go, you will love it. Information about her classes and other classes too are on the 24 Fit website and also on the app.

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