Learn more about Sam our client at 24 Fit Derby

We love clients coming forward and telling us how they enjoy their classes so here is Sam to tell you why she keeps coming back to 24 Fit Derby.

Learn more about Sam our client at 24 Fit Derby, post thumbnail.

Introducing one of our regular clients…..

Hello everyone, another month has gone by and the weather is just starting to get a bit cooler so I thought to warm our hearts and keep you motivated I would share another of our clients here at 24 Fit Derby.

Some of you who are regular to the classes will know Sam as she attends three of Angela’s Zumba classes and also Beth’s Konga class on a Monday so she is keeping very fit. Sam has been a client with 24 Fit for about a year now and after trying everything else to improve her fitness she has settled right in with her Zumba and Konga. So what does Sam like about the classes?

Well she finds her instructors vey helpful and encouraging, ‘it doesn’t matter what you can or can’t do they will really help you through’, she told me. Sam has also started running with Angela so she has successfully made a transition to another element of fitness just by starting off at her classes and getting to know others which is great.

Sam doesn’t feel at all intimidated like she may have felt at a gym, for her the classes are fun and there’s no pressure.

How does she stay motivated?

Well Sam first went to her classes with a friend and still does now, she finds they motivate each other to go, so if one is not keen the other encourages them to go. This is great as we are going into to Autumn and then Winter. It’s so easy to say ‘no it’s too cold out, I’ll just stay in’ isn’t it? We’ve all done it but by maybe Sam has a good thing going here, buddying up may be the answer to keep going and keeping that fitness up. Even if you don’t have anyone to come along to a class with you, ask a relative or friend to just text you to give you that motivation. We’ve all got that bossy family member or mate who you know would be perfect for this job.

It was lovely to chat with Sam, she seems really happy and has found classes that work for her. She totally recommends 24 Fit Derby and so do I, so go and and find a class or two on the website and give it a go. Don’t forget your first-class is free!

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