Jungle Body Jagua strengthening class with 24 Fit Derby

Jagua – Stretch, Tone, Sculpt, Squat

Have you always wished you could do the splits or would you like to be able to touch your toes again? Do you just want to stand on one leg without wobbling uncontrollably? If you would like to develop a toned body without the impact of an aerobic exercise class and improve your posture and balance then Jagua from Jungle Body could be your epiphany. Equally, if you’ve blasted a full-on fitness class and feel that you want to further stretch and relax those muscles, then Jagua is the perfect fitness chaser. 24 Fit Derby offer Jagua as a perfect 30-minute add-on class to Jungle Body’s Konga.

Jagua is a toning, sculpting and stretching programme that combines body weight moves with Pilates, ballet and stretching to completely tone the body. In a half an hour class you’ll work on your butt, abs, arms, thighs, shoulders, chest and calves, pretty much everywhere but the earlobes!!! The music is fantastic, a mix of hip hop, pop, Afro and old school and you are guaranteed to build strength and improve flexibility, burn calories (about 400), sweat, and improve your balance and core strength.

Over time you will build a lean, strong and toned body and improve your physical and emotional wellbeing. Clients swear that it focuses the mind after an intense workout and keeps their muscles from stiffening up afterwards. Yet another amazing exercise class from Jungle Body!

Where are 24 Fit Derby’s Jagua classes?

You can attend a Jagua class at 24 Fit Derby’s carefully selected venues in Littleover.

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