Jungle Body Burn toning fitness class with 24 Fit Derby

Burn – Curl, Dip, Raise, Press

Are you bored of the gym, and always finding excuses not to go? Do you find it hard to do weight programmes at home on your own, because it’s just so lonely and tedious? Have you ever stood doing weights in the gym, all on your own and thought, “if only there were somewhere I could go to do some light weights, but with other people to keep me motivated, that wasn’t boring? And if there was some great music too, even better?” Well, there is, and it’s called Burn from Jungle Body. Burn is a one of a kind type of exercise class, a real fusion of influences that makes it truly unique. It is a choreographed, dumbbell sculpt workout with a dance flavour. How cool is that? Choose your dumbbells (1.5kg-2.5kg) and while you execute your dance moves and get lost in the music, you will be sculpting, shaping and improving the muscle tone in your upper body and core. And you’ll burn fat, gain strength and totally condition your body. Wow!! It’ll transform your arms, butt and thighs.
Burn is designed by Jungle Body to be a 30-minute add-on toning class, but you’ll still burn an average 400 calories a. It’s perfect for all fitness levels and not at all difficult to follow, so it’s a great extra to tag onto a more aerobic class such as Konga.

Where are 24 Fit Derby’s Burn classes?

You can attend a Burn class at 24 Fit Derby’s carefully selected venues in Littleover.

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