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24 Fit Movers – All the fun with lower impact

Are you a gorgeous golden oldie who maybe doesn’t feel up to a high impact crazy exercise to music class, but who still wants to move and have fun? Or, are you pregnant or postnatal, but still want to keep up a fitness programme? Or maybe you’re just starting out on your fitness journey and wisely you want to build up your fitness levels before launching yourself into a full on whacky exercise class. If this is you, or you are returning from injury, or you have any other reason for wanting a low impact exercise class, then 24 Fit Movers Is just what you need (remember, that if you are pregnant or postnatal, or have any injury or health problems, you should contact you GP before joining one of our classes).

At 24 Fit Derby we understand that full on high intensity classes aren’t what everybody is looking for. We also realise that this doesn’t mean having to give up on fitness all together. It’s vitally important that we keep exercising through our golden years because there are so many health benefits, both physical and psychological. That’s why we offer this little gem of a class. It’s a fantastic Konga and Zumba compromise, because it retains all the fun of a regular exercise to music class, but takes out some of the intensity. People come to 24 Fit Movers for all sorts of reasons, and you might think that a mix of ages and abilities in one class is a problem. It isn’t, because, as with all of our classes, you can go at your own pace, be as wild or as reserved as you like, be super steady or push yourself. As long as you want to have fun and you love to dance you’re gonna fit right in.

So how is it different to Konga and Zumba

Well, you might think it’s a combination of the same classes, just a bit slower, but it isn’t. The songs are the same, you’ll still hear all the amazing tunes that get your fingers clicking and your foot tapping, but the choreography is slightly different. You’ll still step, dance and wiggle, but the high impact moves will be replaced by low impact versions and instead of erratic, uncontrolled movements, the routines will focus on balance, range of motion and coordination.

Will I still get a workout?

Hell, yes… absolutely. You can still expect to burn about 300 calories per class and you will still break into a sweat. Just because it’s low impact doesn’t mean it’s less effective. In fact, it’s easier to work on the moves and do them properly when it’s all a little slower, and that’s a good thing. Be prepared to sweat, feel good and leave empowered. But remember, you don’t have to start here. It’s up to you. At 24 fit Derby we want you to be happy, so go where you feel comfortable. It can be helpful to start with 24 Fit Movers, but if you’re fit and healthy, there’s no reason not to go to our regular exercise to music classes, such as Zumba, Konga, Clubbercise and Pound. Equally, if you’re pregnant, but were active before, as long as you clear it with your GP, you can participate in regular classes for as long as you feel comfortable.

Where are 24 Fit Movers classes?

You can attend a 24 Fit Movers class at 24 Fit Derby’s carefully selected venues in Mickleover and Allestree.

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