Classes at Parkview Primary School in Oakwood

Parkview Primary School Hall

The school is relatively new, having opened in 1999. The hall is lovely and modern, with a wooden laminate floor. Tt’s airy too which means you can soothe your sweaty bodies by throwing open lots of windows when it’s hot!As with all primary schools, they’re great venues for fun exercise because they’re so cheerful and colourful. Just what you need after a dull day at work!
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Parking for the School

The school has its own carpark, and if this is full you can use the Community Centre carpark or use adjoining on-street parking.

How to Find Parkview Primary School

Parkview Primary School is on Springwood Drive opposite Oakwood Community Centre and just up the road from Springwood Leisure Centre. To get you close with your SatNav the post code is DE21 2RQ.

24 Fit Derby Classes at Parkview Primary School in Oakwood