Call for Community Instructors

Our ‘Reason Why’

After ten years of experience delivering group exercise classes in community venues, 24 Fit Derby has discovered it’s ‘Reason Why’…..To empower people to feel great everyday!



We know that our classes improve the physical health of our clients. However, equally importantly, we now know that they also have a significant impact on mental health such as an improvement in mood, self-confidence and self-esteem, a reduction in stress and anxiety, and providing that sense of belonging that we all desire.

We’re now a Community Interest Company!

We can do so much more for the people of Derbyshire! For this to happen we have converted to a non-profit Community Interest Company, which means all of the company’s assets belong to the community, and profits have to be put back into the community. Why would we do this? Firstly, to get access to funds to help us impact more people by investing in facilities, equipment and training. Secondly, to partner Derby City Council, South Derbyshire County Council, Derby University, Derby County Community Trust and others to jointly reverse the inactivity trend in the local communties.

We need you to help a lot more people!

Our vision is to have classes in many Derbyshire communities, and for each class to be sustainable even with a small number of attendees. For this dream to come true, we need a small army of volunteer instructors who believe in our “reason why” and are excited about being part of something really meaningful. Our instructors don’t need to be perfect, good enough is fine, caring for those new to exercise is perfect!

So is this for you?

Do you fancy making a significant difference in your community?
What about attending unlimited 24 Fit classes for FREE and joining an awesome like-minded team?
Would you enjoy the confidence boost that results from becoming an exercise-to-music instructor?
Like 24 Fit to pay for all of your instructor costs eg. training, subscriptions, and equipment?
How about the opportunity to become a paid freelance instructor in the future?

If you answered yes to the above questions, please contact Kev now at 07984 017522 or to arrange a get together to find out more.

Kev and Ellie.

Aulakh Sam