Balanced & Strong Classes

Balanced & Strong Classes

Just an exercise class for seniors?

The Joe Wicks online workouts for seniors are excellent. However, if you’re thinking about wanting to socialise more and get out there, then our balanced and strong classes may be fit for you!

This laid back and low impact group exercise class is perfect for the elderly, disabled and absolute beginner. In other words, it’s for people who want to keep in shape but may see the other classes as daunting. You’re keeping healthy and meeting new people, it’s a win win!

What to expect from this session?

As we age we loose bone density, this happens to both men and women, and is especially prevalent in women due to oestrogen levels dropping. That is why it is important to keep our bones nice and strong and our classes aim to do that!

Created by our instructor, Ellie, our balanced and strong classes are a way to strengthen your bones and muscles and improve your balance. Ellie goes through a variety of exercises in our one hour classes including our chair-based exercises for seniors, catering to those over 60, which focuses on strengthening your arms and your core.

And if that’s not intriguing you, just look at the benefits it could give you:

  • increased bone density
  • increased core stability
  • increased kinesthetics awareness
  • increased joint and muscle strength
  • decreased risk of injury

So why wait? Join us for an hour a week for some fitness fun with your friends! Plus you get a cuppa and a biscuit after!

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