A Fun Packed Charity Danceathon

All the classes and instructors came together for a 2 hour Charity Danceathon

A Fun Packed Charity Danceathon, post thumbnail.

2 Hours of 24 Fit Fun!

What a great day we all had at the 24 Fit Derby’s Annual Charity Danceathon. This year we were raising money for Make-A-Wish, a charity which is close to the heart of Lisa Leigh who organised the event this year. Lisa is one of the instructors with 24 Fit Derby and has spent some time out in Australia where she volunteered for Make-a-Wish there.

Make-a-Wish was set up to grant life changing wishes to children with critical illnesses. They have been able to grant more than 12,000 wishes to date so it was great for all the classes and all the instructors to come together today to support this charity and the work they do.

There was a fantastic cake stall (yes cakes, a good provider of energy, well that’s my excuse) and raffle tickets to buy on entering the venue at Village Primary School in Derby. The sun was shining and everyone had their bottles of water ready to start.
The session kicked off at 11am and went straight through until 1pm and included routines from all the classes available with 24 Fit Derby such as Konga, Jagua, Tyga, Zumba, Clubbercise, Pound and Pandercise. You could do as much or as little as you liked so no pressure but I think most people carried on through. Give yourself a massive pat on the back if you did the whole two hours as that’s an amazing achievement.

It was so much fun and we all had a laugh too. For me personally I loved seeing everyone coming together from different classes and also those who don’t attend any but wanted to support people they knew and the charity. Sometimes when you go to one or two classes in the week you don’t get chance to meet other clients or the other instructors. It was also a good chance here for the instructors to showcase what they do.

We will be announcing the total of money raised very soon. I’m sure there will be another chance to take part next year if you didn’t make it this time but if you would like to see how the day went then take a look at some of the videos and photos posted on our Facebook page.

I would like to say a big thank you to Lisa for the hard work of organising this event, all the instructors for their continuous hard work, for everyone who came along, raised money, baked cakes and generally made this event so successful.

Well done!!

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